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There’s no substitute for hands-on experience, but for most students, real-world tools can be cost prohibitive. That’s why we created the Pack with some of our partners and friends.

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Build a tech community at your school with training and support from GitHub. Campus Experts learn public speaking, technical writing, community leadership, and software development skills that will help you improve your campus.

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Leverage the collective knowledge of the GitHub student community so you can develop the skills needed for future careers in tech.

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The Student Developer Pack includes 100+ offers—everything from free credits to waived fees.

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Discover in-person and virtual events ranging from local hackathons to online tech talks covering everything from DevRel and cybersecurity to sharpening skill sets for your career as a professional developer.

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A personal portfolio built with Bootstrap Studio and GitHub Actions. You can do anything you set your mind to.


Django Blogiee

A Django based blog WYSIWYG editor with PWA support and TWA compatible. Built with DataCamp, Heroku, and educative.


Navjot Singh

Personal portfolio of Navjot Singh. Built with GitHub Pages.


Final Space API

A RESTful API based on the show Final Space. Built with DigitalOcean, MongoDB, Polypane, Imgbot, datatree.io, Better Code Hub, and AccessLint.


Classmate Stories

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Meet Josh Simpson, student, developer, and hackathon advocate

June 24, 2016

Josh Simpson, who is currently pursuing his computer science degree at King’s College in London, proves you don’t need decades of programming experience to make an impact.

I taught a room full of people to go from zero to web application in two hours! That was the big moment where I thought, ‘hey, I’m pretty good at being a developer.’

Josh Simpson // Student and Hackathon Advocate

Some of our partners and friends

The best developer tools, free for students. Learn to ship software like a pro.

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Microsoft Azure
Name Cheap
Twilio Quest

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