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FIRST Robotics

FIRST brings together coaches, industry mentors, and volunteers to help students build robots with the goal of sparking their continued interest in science and technology.

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UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley computer science professor Armando Fox is one of the thousands of teachers who use GitHub to give their students hands-on experience writing software in teams.

For students

Learn to ship software like a pro

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Stop emailing code

The days of sharing source code by email and thumb drives are long gone. Using GitHub, it's a piece of cake to keep your team up to date with the latest changes to your code. Thanks to Git’s powerful merge features, you don't even have to worry about overwriting someone else’s changes.

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Never lose your work

No need to worry about your dog eating your homework or your hard drive exploding. Your latest and greatest code is always available to you and your Collaborators on GitHub. Search through your history and easily revert to a known good state when you need to.

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Stay organized

A GitHub Repository is a single place to go for everything related to a project. Keep tabs on new feature ideas and document known bugs using Issues. Discuss proposed changes inline with the code using Pull Requests. Organize your team and goals using Milestones.

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Build a portfolio

Using public Repositories, you can build a portfolio of projects and show them off to potential employers. Who needs a resume when you can show what you’ve built?

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Use GitHub for your schoolwork with a free student account.

For educators

Teach more effectively

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Distribute starter code

GitHub Repositories allow you to maintain and distribute starter code for your assignments. Git makes it easy for your students to pull in any updates you make, even after they've started working on their solution.

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Give students feedback

Pull Requests are a great way to give students feedback on their code. Give suggestions for improvement and observe how they adapt their code based on your feedback.

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Provide automated tests

Trigger an automated build each time new commits are pushed to GitHub using WebHooks. When the automated tests finish, you can display the passing or failing status along with the build output using the Commit Status API.

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Collect assignments

Use a GitHub Organization to easily maintain all of your students’ code in one place. Teams make it possible to keep your students’ work separate from each other while giving you the power to grant full access to co-teachers and teaching assistants.

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