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You train the next generation of software developers.

That's a big job. Teach your students with the industry-standard tools, so they can shine on technical teams.

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GitHub Classroom

The power of the Git and GitHub workflow, scaled for the needs of students. Track and manage assignments, grade work automatically, and catch students when they get stuck.

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See how other schools use GitHub

Over 1 million teachers, students and schools around the world use GitHub to accomplish their learning goals. See how they do it and use their blueprints for your own course.

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Teacher training to master Git and GitHub

Learn how to teach with GitHub. Understand what makes Git work under the hood and effectively lead your classroom with the tools developers use.

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GitHub Swag for Teachers

After verifying your academic employment by joining Global Campus, you will be able to request Git cheat sheets, Markdown guides, and of course, stickers for your students. Please indicate the number of students you teach and your school mailing address when making your request.

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