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FIRST Robotics

FIRST participants are doing lots of of interesting work on GitHub. Teams host their sites with GitHub Pages, students collaborate on code, mentors teach through code review, and at least one team has released 3D models of all of their robot parts.

FIRST brings together coaches, industry mentors, and volunteers to help students build robots with the goal of sparking their continued interest in science and technology.


rOpenSci develops open source R packages that provide access to a variety of scientific data, journal articles, and repositories that provide real-time metrics of scholarly impact.

rOpenSci held a Hackathon at GitHub HQ, where the rOpenSci team worked with collaborators from academia, business, and various research labs to build open source tools for science.

See their projects at @ropensci.

OctoTales • UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley computer science professor Armando Fox is one of the thousands of teachers who use GitHub to give their students hands-on experience writing software in teams.

On a recent trip to UC Berkeley, we spoke with Armando and some of his students about open source, education, and the essential experience gained by building software for a real customer.

FIRST Robotics | rOpenSci | UC Berkeley

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