Teacher training to master Git and GitHub

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Learn how to teach with GitHub. With this online training, you’ll be able to make commits with confidence, and understand what makes Git work under the hood.

Help students get unstuck, get deeper insight into their work, and use industry-standard tools for an efficient and authentic experience in your classroom.

Professors, teachers and mentors welcome. Teach your students real-world skills that they will need as software developers with Git and GitHub.

GitHub Education is there to support you every step of the way with hands-on exercises and feedback.

What is a GitHub Campus Advisor?

As a GitHub Campus Advisor, you’re not only a master of Git and GitHub, but you champion the use of real-world tools at your school. Here’s a handful of what Advisors will enjoy:

GitHub Campus Advisors
  • Unlock benefits provided by GitHub, including a free GitHub package to meet the needs of your school.
  • Event support, workshop kits and fresh swag delivery every semester.
  • Early access to new education features and materials from GitHub Education.
  • Special invitations to GitHub Education events.
  • GitHub Campus Advisors-only gear and special swag.

How it works

Teacher at lecturn
Master the core concepts
Each module starts with mental models and metaphors to ground your understanding of core Git, network activity, and student workflows.
Follow along in the terminal
Step-by-step examples will help you make sense of commands and learn how to parse Git’s output.
Try it for yourself
Each module has hands-on exercises to help you explore and understand how Git and GitHub can be applied in your classroom.
Find help when you need it
Share your work with like-minded teachers in the GitHub Education Community and get support from GitHub staff and your peers.

Find a Campus Advisor

Advisors support their fellow faculty members with all things GitHub. Find out if your school has a Campus Advisor who can help.