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Data Science & Machine Learning

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Learn, launch and collaborate

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Datadog SQLGate GitHub Codespaces Deepnote DataCamp MongoDB

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2 hours




Flex your skills in data collection, cleaning, analysis, visualization, programming, and machine learning. The Data Science & Machine Learning experience gives you the tools to analyze, collaborate and harness the power of predictive data to build amazing projects.

How to use partner offers & benefits

Set up your space, learn new skills, collaborate, & monitor your data science and machine learning projects using the offers below.

  • Use SQLGate or Codespaces to set up your environment and choose a database, like MongoDB to get started with your data science projects.
  • Hop onto DataCamp to build your data skills. Whether you’re interested in diving into and introduction to R, Python or SQL, or you want to learn more advanced topics like building recommendation engines and deep learning, DataCamp is a great place to start.
  • Take your project public and begin collaborating using Deepnote which integrates seamlessly with GitHub. Then be sure to use tools that let you deploy, test, analyze and monitor your project with ease. We recommend exploring the Datadog benefit.

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MongoDB: A Spotify Song and Playlist Recommendation Engine

Learn how three University of San Francisco students responded to Spotify's RecSys Challenge where they challenged participants to recommend a list of 500 songs given a user-created playlist from a dataset of one million playlists. Then, view their code on GitHub and try it yourself.


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