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Aspiring Creatives

Action Items

Brainstorm, design and promote your brand

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Icons8 IconScout GitHub Community Exchange Octicons Figma

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1 hour




Working on a creative project? Develop your design and collaboration skills to get your clever intentions off the ground. Unleash your originality and start to tinker with the Aspiring Creatives Experience.

How to use partner offers & benefits

The design of a project is the backbone to which all other pieces are dependent. Become inspired by tapping into your creativity, from sets by thousands of artists around the world to snappy interface tools such as Iconscout, Icons8, Octicons and Figma.

  • Sometimes getting another pair of eyes on a project can spark creativity. Ideate with others by bringing projects together while synchronizing collaboration efforts through shared tasks and checklists in FigJam.
  • Get exposure for your project and discover other student repositories in need of collaborators and maintainers through GitHub Global Campus by visiting the GitHub Community Exchange.

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