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Get GitHub for your entire school for free, along with everything you need to make it great.

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Become a Technology Partner

Help over 1 million students learn to code with your tools. Students use the Student Developer Pack to master tools that they'll bring to future technical teams.

The best developer tools have joined the Student Developer Pack to give students hands-on experience with technical tools early in their careers.

As a Technology Partner in the Student Developer Pack, you will:

  • Have insight into how students use your tool as they learn through the Pack API
  • Onboard the next million students to your product
  • Benefit from the outreach efforts of GitHub and other partners in the Pack, such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft and Stripe.
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Organize a Hackathon

For first-time hackathons, GitHub will help kickstart your event with a $1,000 grant through our friends at Major League Hacking.

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Become a Research Partner

As an academic researcher, you can apply for a free Team Plan for your organization account and a free Developer Plan for your personal user account. To apply for the discount, you'll need a personal GitHub account, and verifiable school-issued email address or share documents that prove your school affiliation.

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