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Student developers want your product.

Partner with the GitHub Student Developer Pack, and offer your product, training, or service to millions of students

Make your product the default choice for future developers

Students use the Pack to level up their skills and prepare for careers in industry.

According to our recent research on Pack graduates, over half of them influence purchasing decisions at their company.

Check out the latest GitHub Classroom Report to learn more about how students use GitHub and other developer tools.

Increase your brand recognition, globally

Growth and awareness — those are the top benefits our partners see from inclusion in the Pack.

Our outreach efforts elevate and spread your product’s message on your behalf through newsletters, social content, webinars and in-person events.

Reach students as they start their careers

75% of all student developers learn outside of school. Through documentation, tutorials, hackathons or conference talks, students are primed to soak up new tools.

With your product in the Pack, you can support students as they learn to code, and when they go into industry.

Our Honor Roll API verifies students, and protects you

When you join the Pack via our GitHub Honor Roll API, you’ll get insight into adoption and growth.

Our verification process is “Trust First” meaning we accept dated proof from students around the world, even if they do not have an email address or a student ID.

This global, inclusive approach lets us help more students, and you can rest easy knowing your service will be in the hands of folks who are learning to code.

GitHub Student Developer Pack partner enrollment

We are currently not accepting new GitHub Student Developer Pack partner applications. However you may sign up below to be notified before the next enrollment period begins. Thank you for your commitment to education and your interest in partnering with GitHub to provide free resources and tools for students.

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