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Are there discounts available for educational use?
Yes, just send us a discount request.
How long will it take to process my discount request?
Your application is most likely to be quickly reviewed if you use a recognizable school-issued email address. Applications are generally processed within a few days, however if your wait time exceeds two weeks please feel free to contact us.
Why was my academic discount application rejected?
The most common reason is that we weren't able to verify your academic status. You may reapply using the "I do not have a school-issued email" drop-down option to attach supplementary proof of academic affiliation (e.g. a school ID card, transcript, or affiliation/enrollment verification letter.) Make sure your supplementary proof is official and dated.
Will GitHub sponsor my event?
Maybe. Tell us about your event here.
Do you have any teaching materials available?
Our professional training materials are available online, free of charge.
Please use your school email address, if you have one (e.g.